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Wowz ...

From sportsnet.ca


Roberto Luongo needs to support his wife and spend time in South Florida. He should also play in the NHL all-star game. He could easily do both.

In Friday's Vancouver Sun, Iain Macintyre argues Luongo has an obligation to play since he is the one who was voted there, elected by hockey fans to start in goal for the Western Conference in Atlanta on Jan. 27.

But with the encouragement of the Vancouver Canucks, Luongo said Wednesday he's declining the all-star honour in order to spend rare time with his pregnant wife Gina, a decision universally lauded in Vancouver.

Yet, when Sidney Crosby was too tired to play in the Top-Prospects Game at the Pacific Coliseum three years ago, he was vilified on the West Coast for his selfishness.

Luongo has been allowed to spend a full week at home near Miami, which is a two-hour flight from Atlanta. There are 13 daily non-stops to choose from.

Luongo could travel to Atlanta from Miami Saturday afternoon in time for the skills competition, then catch a flight home after Sunday's game. In total, that's 32-36 hours out of the seven days that Roberto would be away from Gina.

I don't really know what this guy is on but Luongo's decision to spend time with his wife, whom he hasn't seen all season except for a few weeks in November, is completely understandable and in no way is it selfish.

His wife is about to give birth to their first child and as Luongo has made it known, she has been having some complications with her pregnancy. Doesn't it make sense that her husband go home to visit her and be there with her? I'm sure Louie needs her company too. Must be lonely without your spouse.

There will be, no doubt, plenty more opportunities for Louie to go to an All-Star game. Besides, everyone can watch Louie be a star in a regular game.


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Jan. 15th, 2008 12:15 am (UTC)
Because I can't shut up
My boyfriend suggested that it might be more than simply Luongo wanting to spend time with his wife. There's a good chance that he might still be suffering from the injuries he sustained in the Wild game back at the beginning of December. That would make a lot of sense. It's not like teams are very up front about injuries and who has what when.
Jan. 15th, 2008 01:49 am (UTC)
Re: Because I can't shut up
That could be a possibility.

However, it's still pretty silly (in my mind) how people go crazy over him missing the All-Star game. If the main reason for him missing the game is because of his wife, then ... shouldn't she come first? Like my sister said, he made vows to his wife, not the fans. Yes, he does have responsibilities and owes much to his fans, his family is more important.

I'm very much a family person, so his decision is like a no-brainer to me.

As for the injuries thing, well, why play up a story on his wife when an injury story is much more understandable to MOST (if not ALL) fans?
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